Black Love Matters

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou

Black love matters, well at least it does to me. And not because it is the niche that has swept black media into a whirlwind of endless romantic memes since the unveiling of Love and Hip Hop (Remi Ma/Papoose) edition, but because in a world that is hell bent on killing the black being, I have to convince myself that love is still out there.

Since my hiatus of nearly 3 months of not writing, I’ve been doing a lot of self-development in relation to my life, who I am, and what I want to accomplish with the rest of my days on earth. Regardless of how uninspired I am to produce content on a consistent basis, or how reluctant I am to hit the gym throughout the week, I am sure of one thing

Black love matters…

And I’m not just talking about the love that one has for their mother or father, or the love that a child has for a favorite object, but a kind of love and appreciation that you feel when another black woman compliments your new hair do, or when a young brotha dabs you up when the two of you are the only black faces in a white room, the love that can only be felt between people who share the same struggles, the same setbacks, the same uncompromising demeanor that screams, I AM HERE.

Black love matters…

Well at least to me it does. Black love matters because it simply has to. Black love matters because my daddy is a black man, and my momma is a black woman, and they created me and my black ass sisters and brothers, so that has to count for something right?

Not in this lifetime…

Black love matters because this world is not interested in seeing US love one another. Our love must be strong because they are fixated on keeping us apart, creating socioeconomic divides to keep black people down like crabs in a barrow.

So you see, black love has to matter, I convinced myself that it has to. Because there’s no way in hell that I missed 3 months of writing, skipping days at the gym, and missing out on good, quality nights sleep just for black love NOT to matter.

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