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How to Bring A Man Closer to You Using Your Feminine Energy: Podcast Review

Over the weekend, I got the chance to listen to a podcast by Matthew Coast and Helena Hart about the use of feminine energy and how to attract a man. What exactly did these two have to say?..

I frequently listen to podcasts and NPR daily. From discussions on the creation of human civilization to quirky story telling’s of interconnecting relationships, I enjoy hearing how people tell they’re truths through various mediums of communication.

During my weekend adventures, I got the chance to listen to a podcast by Matthew Coast and Helena Hart about the use of feminine energy and how to attract a man. This peaked my interest because for many women including myself, we take our romantic relationships seriously and tend to give off masculine energy when dating and or interacting with the opposite sex.

Many of us have been taught to either ignore those opposing qualities or that they should grow out of them. For example, a girl may be called a tomboy at one point in her life if she enjoyed digging in the dirt for worms or playing sports more than playing with dolls. However, she is not a ‘tomboy,’ she is a girl who has an outward expression of her masculine energy. A boy who wanted to play with dolls may have been classified as a ‘wimp.’ But in truth, he is just a boy who expresses his feminine qualities through nurturing, in turn making him a great father in the future.

It is important to understand the dynamics of how feminine and masculine energy work against one another when dating and this podcast unexpectedly defined those dynamics when attracting the person that you want.

Understanding the Energy, You Are Giving Off

Before hearing this cast, I was completely unaware of my energy and how that relates to my interactions with others. After review, I realized that I carry more feminine energy when dating versus the masculine energy that I carry in work and goal setting environments.


To help properly understand this, Helena defines feminine magnetism as:

 “Being kind, compassionate, patient, responsive to the needs of others, and it includes the ability to limit the amount of energy you put into helping people, to keep from hurting yourself or draining your own energy you fall back, and let things come to you”.

On the contrary, Matthew defines masculine magnetism as:

“The ability to be decisive, to take risks when appropriate, and to focus intently and concentrate to get things done.”

The balance between the masculine and feminine side is very important as both cohosts explain.  If you have too much strength for the goodness you have, you can really do a lot of harm to people.  Equally, if you have too much goodness for strength you have, then you can do harm to yourself because you tend to “give it all away”.

On a more physical level, if you have a strong masculine side, you can take control of your own life, and if you have a strong feminine side, you can let go of trying to control the lives of others.  A strong feminine side keeps you from interfering with the choices that others have the right to make for themselves, outside of you.

Magnetism and Attracting the Love Life You Want

When a woman desperately wants a commitment from a man, she usually ends up being the very reason why he fears commitment in the first place. Convincing, nagging, withdrawing love, getting upset/angry won’t get you closer to what you want. As Helena explains, working on your attraction level and connection with him can capture his heart if he is truly into you.

While there are many takeaways from this podcast that I think is great for women to implement into their love lives, keep in mind that in order to attract the man that you want, you must first understand your energy and how it serves a purpose in your life.

If you can get past Matthew’s constant but ins when Helena speaks, you’ll hear him drop gems on how men pick up on manipulative tactics that women use to seek results. The goal here isn’t to use each technique listed as a weapon to use against men, but instead to dive into the true essence of femininity in a society that is ruled by masculine energy.

Do you possess more of a masculine or feminine energy when dating or interacting with the opposite sex? What did you think of Helena and Matthews discussion?

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