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iTunes, Headphones, and SZA’s New Album

In an effort to generate some talk surrounding today’s music and the different types of vibes that are circulating the airwaves, I thought it would be nice to share my favorite song of the month with my fellow readers.

No these songs will not be that of Drizzy, 6ix GodChampagnpapi, or the thousands of other names that Drake possesses, (even though he is my favorite artist), but each musical verse will be that of an artist, genre, or mood that is foreign to me.

So far, my playlist consists of trap music, Solange, an array of Chris Brown ballads, and old school R&B.

Right now it is filled with SZA’s smooth yet youthful new album entitled Ctrl.

One song in particular that has been on constant repeat for me is track number nine “Broken Clocks”. 

Throughout each lyric SZA reminisces about the imbalance between her love and working life, while in her 20’s with the epiphany that both only acts as a foreshadow of her eventually becoming independent and no longer solely dependent on love. This chick simply does not have time for the f*ck shit.

SZA blissfully sings the chorus:

All I got is these broken clocks
I ain’t got no time
Just burning daylight
Still, love and it’s still love, and it’s still love
It’s still love, still love (still lovin’), still love
It still love but it’s still love
Nothin but love for you.

The double meaning of the word “still” in the chorus is used to suggest that the love SZA has for the person she is referencing is unconditional and happens despite any circumstance and secondly, suggests that the love she possesses is motionless and unmoving; similar to that of a broken clock.

If you’ve never experienced that type of love, then you are surely missing out on a good thing.

In verse two, in which I sing my heart out, SZA continues:

Got a shift at 10 AM
Gotta dip at 10 PM
Gotta get that cash
Won’t get past the lunch break
I ain’t had a smoke break
In about two days don’t break
Been about three years since I dated you
Why you still talking ’bout me like we together?
I moved on for the better
You moved on to whoever
I was down for whatever and then some
You gon’ make me late to work again

The fact that this is literally my work schedule on some days, with minimal downtime to smoke a Black and Mild during the week along with the countless reminders of how “good of a person I am”, or the “I miss you’s” from guys in my past via text, definitely speaks to my soul tremendously on verse number two.

Image result for rolling eyes gif

It’s clear when you continue to listen to the “Broken Clocks” that SZA doesn’t have time for these n*ggas, simply work and nothing more! It is apparent throughout the album that she has had multiple attempts at love that have always ended up not lasting forever, becoming a “broken clock” so to speak.

Since she has tried multiple times at love now she is just focusing on herself but she still shows nothing but love to her “broken clocks” of love encounters.

Which is a perfect depiction of my current “love life”…

Thank you SZA for sharing your heart with us. I feel you girl!






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